Why Do You Get Bugs In Your House After it Rains?

Don’t be surprised if you encounter bugs in your house after heavy rain. Most of them are just passing through.

After a rainy day, do you notice more bugs in your foyer, basement, or bathroom? This isn’t an uncommon occurrence. In Kansas City, pests are more active in the spring and summer when we experience most of our rainfall. And it’s no secret that pests love moisture. But why do they come sneaking into your home after it rains?

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Bugs That Make Their Way Indoors After it Rains

Like all living things, bugs need water to survive. Moisture is essential to bugs that bread in water or eat damp wood. Rain provides the perfect environment for certain pests to thrive. Although most bugs are more active when conditions are wet, the most common bugs that make their way indoors after it rains include:

  • Cockroaches – Roaches live in pipes, drains, and sewers. Water levels rise during heavy rain, and roaches are pushed up through drains and unsealed utility pipes. They don’t want to drown but have nowhere to go except into areas like your basement or laundry room.
  • Beetles – After heavy rain, the soil and holes that different types of beetles inhabit become filled with water and mud. To keep from drowning, insects come to the surface for dry ground. They may find your home a perfect spot when looking for a dry place to hang out. Some beetle species can survive indoors with a lot of moisture.
  • Ants – This is another insect at risk of drowning during heavy rain. They will seek out the closest dry land they can find, which may be your home. And since they’re looking for food, they may end up in your kitchen.
  • Spiders Spiders don’t like the rain. They love warm, dry weather and often seek shelter to wait out the rain. This is why you often see them in your home after it’s been raining. They may also wander into your home, looking for prey to eat. This is especially true of wolf spiders, who don’t make webs but hunt for their prey.
  • Centipedes – This creepy crawly needs moisture to survive and likes rainy conditions. You’ll find them scurrying around your house after a rain because they are looking for other bugs that have escaped the weather. They are attracted to bathrooms, laundry rooms, and foyers.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you encounter bugs in your house after heavy rain. Most of them are just passing through and won’t take up shelter. One of the best things you can do to ensure they don’t stick around is clean up lingering water. If water seeps into your basement, dry it up. If it’s a consistent problem, consider purchasing a dehumidifier to keep excess moisture at bay.

When To Call In the Experts

If you notice some of these bugs don’t want to leave, you’ll need to call in a pest control expert to evaluate your situation and provide a solution. With our effective pest control techniques at your service, Titan Pest & Wildlife can help you keep the bugs away no matter the weather.

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