What Is the Difference Between Pest Control and Exterminator?

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Pest control vs. exterminator – is there a difference? While the goal of eliminating pests is similar, exterminators and professional pest management have several unique differences. The most significant difference involves the duration of the solution. An exterminator will kill all the bugs with powerful chemicals, while a pest management specialist will eliminate the current pests safely and then look for a long-term solution so the pests don’t return.

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Pest Control vs. Exterminator – What’s the Difference

Years ago, when someone had ants or other pests in their home, they would call an exterminator. The company would use a chemically invasive treatment that required the homeowner to be out of the house for hours. It was often referred to as “bug bombing,” a home. Sometimes the treatment worked; other times, it didn’t. And even when it did “kill” all the pests, it was just a temporary solution because the pests would eventually return.

The term exterminator means to eradicate or destroy completely. So it’s understandable why people call an exterminator; they want to see all the dead bugs. They want to walk into their home after the treatment and see all the roaches lying belly-up on the floor. However, exterminators typically only rely on pesticides to eliminate pests. These chemicals are often more toxic than necessary, and their approach is generally a one-type-fits-all solution.

On the other hand, a pest control management company utilizes some exterminator techniques while managing pest problems to keep them out of your home or business while protecting the environment. Rather than just spraying chemicals all over the place, they look for a long-term solution. When they do use chemicals, the products are more environmentally friendly, much less toxic to humans and pets, effective on pests, and have little odor.

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Titan Pest & Wildlife is a pest management company. Our technicians know exactly how to eliminate unwanted pests. There’s a unique approach to eliminating roaches that isn’t the same when dealing with other pests like ants, mice, and others. We do not utilize a one-size-fits-all approach. When we first inspect your home or business, we look at your situation individually and tailor-make a solution that fits your needs.

If you have a pest problem, contact Titan Pest & Wildlife today. Our licensed and certified exterminators are committed to providing our customers with complete pest control solutions.

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