Mosquito Control

If mosquitoes attack your yard and home, fight back with Titan Pest & Wildlife mosquito control services!

Mosquitoes are more than just annoying buzzing insects; they bite, causing itchy bumps, and they can carry and spread diseases.

Our mosquito treatments are designed to eliminate the pests currently living in your yard and prevent the potential for future infestations. We specialize in using environmentally responsible and effective mosquito control solutions.


Facts About Mosquitoes

We eagerly look forward to the spring and summer months when the sun is shining, and the weather is warm. We look forward to outdoor activities like barbecuing in the backyard and working on the lawn. However, almost everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being bitten by a mosquito.

Mosquitoes are a variety of fly, and there are more than 200 species of them in the U.S. Only female mosquitoes bite; they suck blood to get nourishment for their eggs. They need water to breed, which is why it’s essential to clean up standing water. Mosquitoes do not transmit HIV, but they can carry other diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika, etc.

Mosquitoes are unique in the way they find their prey. They can smell sweat and breath and can sense body temperature and movement. The itchy bites they leave behind are caused by the saliva that they pump in while sucking blood.

Common Mosquito Diseases

No one wants to be bitten by mosquitoes; they leave itchy, red bites that last for days. But mosquitoes can be more than a nuisance – they can be dangerous. There are more than 200 types of mosquitoes in the US, and of these, about 12 types spread viruses and parasites that can make people sick.

The most common illnesses mosquitoes carry and transmit include:

  • Zika virus
  • West Nile
  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue Fever

Titan Pest & Wildlife wants everyone in the Kansas City & Kansas City area to enjoy the outdoors. The spread of these diseases can be slowed and mitigated by what happens in your backyard. Let us help you reduce your family’s exposure to mosquitoes and the health risks they carry.

How to Reduce Mosquitoes

There are several things you can do to reduce the threat of mosquitoes in your yard. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get rid of standing water from your property
  • Empty kiddie pools, birdbaths, children’s toys regularly
  • Clean gutters routinely and check for clogs
  • Keep your lawn mowed and clear tall grass and brush

Doing the above will reduce the risk of dangerous mosquitoes that can harm your family and pets. Titan Pest & Wildlife can be an added layer of protection by working to eliminate mosquitoes from your property.

How Our Mosquito Services Work

Titan Pest & Wildlife knows what a pest mosquitoes can be, which is why we offer mosquito management services. We target shrubbery and bushes, which helps keep these pests out of your property and creates a barrier. Our all-natural treatments bond to foliage, where it acts as a mosquito and tick repellent for weeks to come.

In addition, we also inspect your property for active larvae populations and treat them properly. Mosquitoes breed where there is standing water. We will identify any potential mosquito breeding grounds within your property and help you eliminate these areas.

Mosquito Control & Prevention

Protecting your yard and family from mosquitoes is not a one-time event. To ensure that your property stays mosquito-free and your family stays protected, you need a plan to prevent them from invading.

Homeowners often only think about pest control when they see a bug in their kitchen. However, the most effective approach to pest management is not to react but to be proactive and prevent pest problems from ever happening in the first place.

Mosquito Control & Mosquito Exterminator

At Titan Pest & Wildlife, we make it our business to protect your home. Our residential pest control solutions provide a thorough pest management process designed to eliminate the mosquito problems you have now and, more importantly, prevent future infestations from happening.