Why Are There So Many Spiders in My Home?

If your spider problem is bothering you in any way, contact Titan Pest & Wildlife Solutions, as we have the best methods to keep them out for good.

Are you noticing more spiders in your home this winter? If so, it’s not an uncommon situation. Some outdoor spiders make their way indoors when temperatures begin to drop. While spiders are rarely dangerous to humans, one type of spider to watch out for is the brown recluse. The brown recluse may seek warmth and food inside your home as the colds creep in.

If your spider problem is bothering you in any way, contact Titan Pest & Wildlife Solutions, as we have the best methods to keep them out for good.

Why Do Spiders Go Inside a House?

When winter comes, with its low temperatures and frequent rain and possible snow, spiders who were comfortable outdoors the whole summer will start looking for a warmer shelter. Your house could be a cozy place for your garden spiders to move in once the cold hits your area.

The inside of your home has everything spiders need – food, water, hiding places, and the perfect moisture content. Many people hate spiders, but no one loves having spiders in their home, whether they fear them or not.

How Do Spiders Get into a House?

You may find it frustrating to find spiders inside your home. You may wonder how it happened. After all, you keep your doors and windows closed, so how did they get in?

There are many reasons why and how spiders enter a home. At Titan Pest & Wildlife Solutions, we will do a thorough inspection of your home. Even if we remove all of the spiders, it will be of little benefit if they keep getting in. Therefore, our professional technicians will inspect your home to locate their entrance points. It may be that your doors and windows need more secured seals, or there might be external cracks or crevices in your house’s foundation or roof. Our technicians are specialists in spider behavior, and they will safely and effectively remove them from your home.

The Best Time for Spider Pest Control

Most homeowners typically think the most crucial time of year to control spiders is in the springtime when the weather begins to get warm, and spiders seem to be more prevalent. But in reality, the most critical time for spider control is during all seasons. Consider a spiders life cycle:

  • Spring – spiders are hatching from eggs sacs
  • Summer – spiders mature, and you will see larger spiders
  • Fall – spiders sense the changes in the weather and begin seeking warm shelter; they also lay their egg sacs
  • Winter – adult spiders die or hibernate

Should You Fear Brown Recluse Spiders?

We mentioned the brown recluse at the beginning of this article to caution, not to cause fear. Many people in Kansas City never see brown recluse spiders. As the name suggests, the brown recluse is a shy spider drawn to dark, unused areas, such as basements and attics. This means they are typically found in places where humans do not frequent. They can be found in stored items like bedding, decorations, shoes, clothing, and similar items. Since these items are often stored in cardboard, wood, or plastic containers, brown recluse spiders find these areas a great place to hide.

However, brown recluse bites should be taken seriously. If bitten by a brown recluse, seek immediate medical attention. If you find a brown recluse or any other spiders you don’t want in your home, contact our pest control experts right away.

Spider Exterminators

Spider control takes more than removing the existing spiders, and our pest control technician will instruct you on how to make your home less appealing for these pests. Removing debris, eliminating excess moisture, and controlling other pests you may have are essential in ensuring no more spiders lurking around your home.

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