What Is an Overwintering Insect?

Simply put, overwintering is how an insect passes through the winter season. But which insects do this, and how does it affect your home?

In the winter season, insects have to figure out how to survive. Some find their way into a home or other nesting area to hunker down and wait for spring. Overwintering is a term used to describe pests and their winter survival habits.

If pests or birds have decided to overwinter in your home, contact Titan Pest & Wildlife. Don’t let them use your house as a winter vacation home.

Insects That Overwinter

Here are some of the most common overwintering insects and spiders that you are most likely to encounter in your home this winter season:

  • Crickets
  • Brown Recluse Spiders
  • Cluster Flies
  • Paper wasps

While most of these are relatively harmless, except for the brown recluse spider, they are annoying to have in your home. Most of these emerge in spring when the temperatures begin to rise. Overwintering is one reason there is such an increase in pest sightings in and around your home in the spring. They’ve been there all along but just weren’t very active.

How to Prevent Overwintering Pests

You may not see signs of these bugs this winter. But if they’re in your home now, they can become the source of an infestation in the spring and summer. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take preventative measures to keep them out of your home. Here are a few things you can do to prevent them:

  • Caulk or seal all crevices and cracks around doors, windows, plumbing, etc.
  • Keep gutters clear – many pests like to make a nest there
  • Clear leaf and lawn debris away from your home’s foundation
  • Schedule preventative pest control treatment each fall
  • Consider our crawl space encapsulation services

Pest Control & Wildlife Removal

At Titan Pest & Wildlife Solutions, we understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free home. Whether you live in a residential home, apartment, or condo, our pest control team will tailor a solution that fits your needs and budget.

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