What Should You Do if You Find a Snake Nest on Your Property?

Have you heard strange noises in your home or seen snakes around your house and feel concerned that some might have made their way inside?

It’s not uncommon for snakes to burrow in walls and crawlspaces in a home to nest and lay eggs in the winter months. While snakes won’t cause any significant damage to your property, some snakes are dangerous.

No matter the type, most people don’t want a family of snakes taking up residence inside their home. At Titan Pest & Wildlife, we can help you identify signs of a snake infestation and what you should do if you find one. We are a full-service wildlife removal company specializing in snake control and removal.

Why Get Rid of Snakes

While many snakes are not harmful to humans — and even poisonous ones, like copperheads, only bite when provoked — most people feel uncomfortable having a snake in their home. However, even if you don’t mind these slithery reptiles, it’s essential to get rid of them as quickly as possible if you want to protect yourself and your property. Snakes have been known to attack pets. More pets are bitten every year by snakes than humans.

Signs You Have Snakes in Your Home

The most obvious way to determine you have a snake problem is by spotting one. However, finding evidence of snakes isn’t always easy, particularly during the winter months, when the animal might nest inside of your walls to protect itself from the cold. Snakes don’t leave damage behind like other nuisance wildlife. Once they enter your home, they often stay in hiding for months.

Some common signs you can look for around your house include:

  • Snakeskin – Snakes shed their skin as they grow. The scaly, dry skin may be in an entire sheet or crumpled somewhere close to an entrance wall of your home.
  • Tracks – In a dusty crawlspace, attic, or shed, you might notice slither tracks that indicate snake activity.
  • Odor – Some snakes have a very distinctive smell. If you notice a strange odor in a crawlspace or other area, there may be snakes hiding in there.
  • Droppings – Snake droppings often look similar to bird feces but may include hair and bones from digested prey.

Snake Removal & Control

If you notice nesting snakes in or around your home, contact Titan Pest & Wildlife. We provide humane snake removal, snake trapping, and snake control services in Missouri and Kansas. Our nuisance wildlife removal specialists provide expert animal control services to get rid of snakes.

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