Raccoons in Your Home – How Did They Get In and How to Get Them Out

From humanely trapping raccoons to cleaning up their waste and restoring your home – Titan Pest & Wildlife has you covered.

Raccoons are urban animals that are far more common in cities and suburbs than in undeveloped natural areas. They are intelligent, curious, and agile creatures and won’t hesitate to break into a house when they need a place to live.

If you live in Kansas City and suspect raccoons in your house, contact Titan Pest & Wildlife. We offer a variety of interior and exterior wildlife removal solutions. There aren’t any one-size-fits-all solutions for pests. We customize our plans to the specific requirements of each home and ensure that your needs are met with care and professionalism.

How Did They Get In?

This is a common question we often get asked. And it’s a good one because before evicting raccoons from your house, we need to figure out how they’re getting in. Otherwise, they’ll be back.

You can inspect your house thoroughly to find gasp, cracks, and other openings where they are sneaking in. It’s good to view your home from the perspective of an animal looking for a place to live. If nothing stands out, don’t worry, as a full-service raccoon removal company, we will inspect your home and find all the possible entry points. We will also seal those entrances for you.

Some of the most common ways raccoons get in include:

  • Tore open the soffit
  • Through an open vent hole
  • Tore open a wall
  • Through a gap in a basement window
  • Down the chimney

Raccoons enter your attic, basement, garage, or crawl space. They want to live in your house but not near you. They want a quiet, warm place to live out the winter and a safe place to stash their young.

How to Get Raccoons Out

If you find that raccoons have taken up residence in your home, do not try to handle them on your own. They can be quite fearsome when approached. If it’s a mother raccoon with her babies, removing her babies with her is even more challenging. If the babies are removed first, they may be used to bait her out. But if she doesn’t see that her babies have been removed, it will drive her back into the attic to search for her family, creating even more damage.

Professional Wildlife Removal

Therefore, if you have raccoons in your attic or another part of your home or property, do not attempt to remove them yourself. Raccoons are clever animals. They have learned how to adapt to urban life and not get scared off easily. So, if you want to make sure they leave your home alone, you need to call in the experts.

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