Fruit Flies – Where Did They Come From, Why Can’t You Get Rid of Them

Fruit flies are one of the most persistent pests; you’ll see them return repeatedly without the correct treatment.

If you leave some fruit on your kitchen counter for a few days, you might notice fruit flies. You throw the old fruit out, and the flies are eventually gone.

However, another common scenario involves what seems like a fruit fly infestation. The fruit is gone, and no other food is out, but the flies are still there. You’re left scratching your head – where did they come from, and why can’t you get rid of them?

You may try DIY methods, but you’ll see them return repeatedly without the correct pest control treatment.

Where Did They Come From?

A common myth is that fruit spawns fruit flies. This is because they seem to come out of nowhere. One minute there are no flies, and the next, they’ve taken over your kitchen or bathroom.

The fact is, fruit fly larvae feed on the yeast that grows on fermenting, decaying items. The larvae are so tiny you won’t likely notice them. While they are called fruit flies, they infest any rotting material, not just fruit. This includes mops, sponges, a pile of towels, garbage, and any other place they find a food source.

There are a few ways these pests made their way into your home. Two ways include:

  • They hitched a ride – The larvae were already on the food when you brought it home from the store. Since fruit fly eggs are so tiny, you wouldn’t have noticed them. It’s common for adult flies to lay them inside fruits and vegetables.
  • They smelled their way in – A fruit fly may be small, but they have an acute sense of smell. They can smell the faintest scent of fermentation. So if you leave food on the counter for a few days, you can bet they’ll smell it.

Why Can’t You Get Rid of Them?

You’ve got this fruit fly problem, and you look online to find out how to eliminate them. Some sites suggest creating a homemade fly trap using vinegar and dish soap. And in some cases, this method works. But if you have a persistent fruit fly issue, DIY techniques will continue to fail.

The fruit you left out a few days isn’t what drew them in. And if the fruit is gone, they have another food source in your house. This can include drains, garbage disposals, and other areas with water, such as the bathroom or laundry room. The food on the counter may have drawn them in, but once that’s gone, they found another source.

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