Do Apartments Need Monthly Pest Control Services?

The most effective form of apartment building pest control is to focus on the entire complex, not just a single unit.

Keeping pests out is essential whether you’re an apartment building manager or a tenant. But how often should you get treated for pests? The answer depends on your situation. Multifamily residences are ideal for pest infestations, so pest control services are more than a suggestion.

Pest issues in an apartment complex can be problematic. Because people live in close proximity to one another, infestations are common. Therefore, the key to having a pest-free apartment complex is regular pest inspections and a pest management program performed by a licensed and experienced pest specialist.

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Apartment

While responsibility for pest-control services varies from city to city, the duty is generally your landlord’s. Most laws and statutes require the landlord to keep the premise habitable, which means keeping pests at bay. But everyone’s situation is different. Their standard may not be your standard. There may be a tenant living next to you whose lifestyle and choices have directly led to a pest issue. So how can you keep pests out of your apartment?

Some simple pest preventative steps include:

  • Wash and put away all dishes after use
  • Wipe counters, tables, and other surfaces after meals
  • Promptly bag and remove trash
  • Store food in air-tight containers
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Sweep and mop regularly
  • Eliminate clutter where pests could easily hide
  • Report leaky faucets and cracks or gaps around windows and doors

Also, be careful about what you bring into your apartment. Many pests, like bed bugs, will hitch a ride on almost anything. For example, if you buy secondhand furniture, check it carefully before taking it inside.

Titan Pest & Wildlife provides pest control services for individual tenants and entire complexes. We understand that the most effective form of apartment building pest control is to focus on the whole complex, not just a single unit.

Importance of Apartment Building Pest Control

Apartment pest control is immensely important! Regular pest control maintenance is essential. Pests pose potential health risks, and because apartment buildings are ideal for pest propagation, they’ll never leave once an infestation takes hold.

Kansas City Apartment Pest Management Services

Therefore, do apartment buildings need monthly pest control services? The answer is that every apartment complex needs regular service. How often depends on your specific circumstances.

At Titan Pest & Wildlife, we don’t sell cookie-cutter plans. We will create a pest management program to care for your specific needs and facility. We usually start the process by sending a representative to assess the problem. Then, we examine all possible points the pests have used to enter your apartment building. This can include everything from windows and doors that have not been sealed adequately to holes or cracks in your floors and walls. We will also find out where these pests are getting their food and water supply from. Once we have all the information, we will devise a tailored extermination strategy and eliminate the pests!

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